How about a stainless steel measuring spoon?


The plastic measuring spoons have triboelectric properties that repulse the JJ powder, launching small pieces all over the bench. It always makes a bit of a mess.

Recognizing this, I bought myself a nice stainless steel measuring spoon, which has no such issues.

This was a bit hard to find in a suitable shape along with the correct volume, and it wasn’t really cheap. Maybe you would consider offering such a stainless steel measuring spoon, either to replace the plastic one, or as a “paid” alternative? :slight_smile:



Sounds like a great idea to me just cuz the plastic one seems a bit weak and every time i use it, i get scared that imma break it. Dunno about the powder shooting aspect tho, i tried a stainless steel spoon once and as far as i remember it did that too (i am not sure tho! maybe i was just clumsy and misinterpreted my own powder spilling as the shooting). Stainless steel option would also be more eco friendly since it would last much longer :relieved:

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Same here. My stainless steel spoon from Ikea generates static electricity with the powder. I don’t know what to do to avoid that.

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Awwh snap! Guess we just gotta get used to that lil downside haha

Do you have a link to your spoon model?

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All suggestions are welcome, thanks for the feedback!
We will for sure communicate this to the superstars in the R&D department.


Could not find it but mentioned exactly this in another thread. A competing brand from the Czech Republic offers a metal spoon but unfortunately the size is different.

Not sure about environmental impact of a metal spoon as the energy and materials to make it would require you to use it thousands of times more than a plastic scoop. In any case its more practical and think a few euros would be a reasonable price to pay too. It could also be made part of the time traveller perk, like the metal shaker (I love :heart_eyes: using my metal shaker!)

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This is why we need a dispenser to get rid of the spoon alltogether

Hi again!

I bought this spoon, mostly because the shape is good for digging out powder:

It’s 1 dl rather than 90 cc, but that’s okay for me. It has no nickel or chrome coating, and solved the jumpin’ powder issue for me, as I expected. :slight_smile:

I am curious as to why some of you guys still have that issue with a stainless steel spoon - could it be because of chrome plating, or the plastic Plenny bag? I always empty the bag into a proper container, and spoon it from there.

I also do put the Plenny powder in the shaker first, before the water. If there is already water in the shaker, the effect tends to become pronounced, as I recall.


As far as I’m aware the powder picks up static electricity with the plastic scoops as well. While it always causes a mess, it’s kind of fun to see little pieces launch themselves into the air, with others forming cool patterns (perhaps because of the Iron?).

The idea of grounding a steel scoop sounds kind of amusing to me, and it seems cool in general, but I’ve never had a plastic scoop break. To be fair, I never really tried, and I have a collection of more than 10 of them by now. But it’s not like I put a lot of effort into keeping them safe. I just store one in the bag I’m eating from, and while they get a bit dusty like that sometimes, they tend to survive my backpack just fine.

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Is this hinted in todays mail?

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I think that it’s black friday subscriptions limited edition for the time being… i hope that they r gonna make it permanent tho

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Indeeed, very limited edition for now. They are added with all subscription orders that are sent out during our Black Friday promotion until the 29th.




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