Metal Scoop (US)

Does anyone have a good source for 90ml metal scoops in the U.S.? Even 1/3 cup would be fine, provided I don’t have to buy a whole set of measuring cups. (I want to order two, since I often have multiple flavors open at a time.)

I usually pour the powder, but with the current bag design it gets stuck in the zip-lock and increases the holding force to the point that the zip gets torn off the inside of the bag (side note: JJ, if you’re watching, the zip needs to be affixed to the inside of the bag more securely), and the plastic scoops entice too much static electricity build up and shoot powder all over the place.

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Thanks for the feedback on this, I am aware this was looked into before and the result was that the strongest lock available was selected already, but I will make sure this again ends up on the right desk. Avoiding the whole thing, you could maybe transfer the contents of the bag into a closable container, maybe even one that pours out easily for you? Just thinking out loud as I do not have a ready-made solution for this here and now.

The static electricity build up is something I have heard before, but it seems very minimal who has this issue. In any case, this will be noted as well for hopefully a scoop that would not have that in the future.

I very much hope someone knows an answer to where you can get the metal scoop so you at least do not have that bother any more. Sorry that I could not be of more help at the moment.