Can you get the 10 bag price with a mix of vegan and non-vegan?

Is there a way to order, for example, 8 bags of vegan flavors and add to that, say, 2 non-vegan mango and since that adds up to 10 bags, get the lower bulk price? Or am I just missing something.


I also coudn’t find a way. And I absoultely agree - I’d rather order a set of the vegan version, but I won’t because there is no vegan mango and no way to mix both versions in order to get the discount. Both versions appear to cost the same, so why not offer that option?

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Word, I ran into this problem too. Bug in the order system?

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I suggested they make that possible and got a “Thanks for the feedback” as a reply. It is so obvious that we should be able to mix the orders between categories, that I think I at least should have gotten a little explanation of why it is that way.

I would also like a mixed bulk discount. But maybe there is some production reasone for the discount which would not apply with mixed orders. Because you will get the bulk discount on vegan an non vegan if you order atleast 10 ea. Maybe @isabel can shed some light on the issue?

We indeed don’t offer the bulk discount on mixed orders, sorry! Packing in the same products goes a lot quicker than when it’s a variety of products bought in bulk, which is why we decided to only offer the bulk discount when ordering the same product.

Yeah, that is what i thought.
Thank you anyway!