Just got my first order! So excited! About to have my first shake for dinner

Hi there, everyone! :nerd:

I just accepted delivery of my first order, and it made it all the way here to the frosty shores of :maple_leaf:Canada! (just kidding, Toronto is actually getting a bit of a mini heatwave and the box was warm to the touch from being on the delivery truck all day, curse you global warming!)

I got 10 bags (so I’d get the cheaper shipping) to try out and see which flavours I like. I got 2 bags of each flavour and I’m sure they’re all amazing and it’s not that I don’t trust the Dutch but I’ve heard some of these “future food/complete meal substitutes” can taste pretty dire (pretty sure everyone knows what brand I’m talking about). I’ll be sure to reply in this thread once I have some first impressions.

That being said, everything arrived present and accounted for and I got my free shaker and scoop (thanks again!) and I can’t wait to try it out. I think I’m going to start with banana, since I’ve heard good things.

Anyway, just wanted to start this thread so I’ll have a place to post further updates and to say thanks to the folks at JimmyJoy for getting my order here so fast! (The initial estimate was Wednesday, and it’s only Monday so we did pretty great)

If anyone has any tips re: mixing/flavours/etc, I’d welcome any suggestions! :smiley:

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Nice!! Great to hear you’re excited, don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve got any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks, @isabel!

Ok, everyone, so I tried vanilla first and it’s actually really good. I was surprised. As I’ve seen others mention, it’s not a super strong vanilla flavour but good all the same.

Excited to try the other flavours since I’ve heard they get even more tasty from here (a lot of mango and banana fans from what I’ve seen so maybe one of those next).

Also, since I’ve tried it and liked it I’m likely going to be putting in a proper “big” order in the next couple days. So I have one question for the hive mind: I heard the vegan versions are thicker/creamier. Is this true? Cause I think that would be even better…

Cool! Vanilla is one of my favourites actually. I’m not sure if I agree our vegan blends are thicker or creamier, but you can of course always try so yourself :slight_smile: if you wish to make the shakes smoother, you can always try mixing them in the blender or let the shake sit in the fridge an hour or so before drinking it. You can of course try adding less water too.

Nice! I like all the flavors (besides chocolate, but only because I don’t like chocolate flavored things much), but banana might actually be my favorite! I also really like mixing flavors together. The fruits all go well together and vanilla can mix with anything.

Quite honestly I don’t notice much of a difference between the vegan and regular versions. Slight texture difference maybe but I pretty much can’t tell what version I’m drinking unless I look at the bag.

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Hope your JJ journey has been going well!

I like all the flavours but half choc/half banana has gotta be my favourite. Still need to try make a ‘fruit smoothie’ with all 3 fruits, also building up to try a Neapolitan one haha. Found any good new flavour mixes since you posted?

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Hi everybody! I’m back with an update. My big shipment came (fast, no issues, all the way to Canada!) and as I mentioned above I heard the vegan formula was a bit “thicker” from another user so I got these 30 bags in the vegan version.

And oh man are they thicker. I didn’t think there’d be a big difference, and maybe I’m just fooling myself into thinking there is, but they seem much thicker than the non-vegan ones, so I think I’m sticking with these from now on.

The vegan flavours also seem just as tasty as the non-vegan flavours, so that’s another thing.

Hey Eve! That sounds like a good idea for a flavour combo… I haven’t gotten too creative yet, but I think with my next order when I can hopefully grab some chocolate vegan Joy (they were out the last time I ordered) I can try some mixes like your chocolate/banana, or chocolate/strawberry.

It’s so convenient and I’m still not tired of any of the flavours yet, which surprises me. :smile:

Thanks again for your suggestions! :grinning:

Great to hear the vegan flavours taste the same to you! To me the consistency seems to be the same, but I guess this experience varies per person. Very happy to hear you’re enjoying our products this much!