First impressions 🤔

Picked up my first batch of shakes today and thought I’d share my early thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:
So far I’ve downed one banana- and one strawberry flavoured shake.
They were a lot less sweet than I thought they’d be! And that’s a GOOD thing imo - the sickly sweetness becomes old real quick (previous experience with some protein shakes for example). Also, zero problems with grittiness or chunks; the powder dissolves perfectly in 50-50 water/soy milk with minimal effort.

Yeah so I’m giving the Jimmy Joy shakes a shot for a whole month, replacing ALL meals.
Let’s see how that goes :blush:


PS. Vegan for life :heart::relieved:


I have also tried banana and strawberry and agree that they were a lot less sweet than I thought they would be. Overall I thought the banana was better as the strawberry taste was so subtle you could mistake for unflavoured.
I have also tried the plenny bar which was nice, if a little bit salty. I ordered some of twenny bars also and have tried the chocolate which unfortunately I don’t like, it doesn’t really taste of anything other than a weird salty aftertaste!
I am going to try all of the flavours and so far am really impressed by how easy it mixes and the consistency, chocolate next I think!

So glad to read these positive first impressions <3

Sorry to hear about the Chocolate Bar :frowning: Did you get a lot? Perhaps you can still return some of them to us if you did!

I got one box of chocolate and one of vanilla. I didn’t realise I would be able to return them.

Tried chocolate shake today again really subtle in flavour. I added a half teaspoon of cocoa powder and that made a lot of difference, chocolatey matly flavour now!

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Sounds good! For any future issues, keep in mind we take returns so feel free to email us and ask about it :slight_smile: