First impressions

I just received my first batch today!

As of this moment, I am literally sipping my first shake :grin:

Ok, I don’t have many pictures, because I was excited, but I got 5 packs of vegan vanilla and 5 of vegan banana flavour (lactose and their derivatives are not friends with my system).
I ordered one additional shaker because I like to have a back up, or maybe transportation, I don’t know, it just seems like a good idea.
Sadly I got no Scoop with my order, but as I read the forum, it seems to be a good idea to fill it until the 300 ml mark… Which is 120 ml more than I originally estimated. I filled it until somewhere between the 6 Oz and the 200 ml mark.

But its fine, I will tinker the dose and frequency of consumption myself as I see fit. Also I want to try mixing it with other stuff, like milk or tea, so that would definetively alter the proportion of nutrients.

Before the first serving I was too tempted to try the powder alone (because of the smell was just so great), so I had a minuscule amount with the tip of my finger, just to try it, which turned out quite nice.

Once I mixed it, the flavour was kind of flour-y, but not bad. I think I will very easily get used to it.

I look forward to seeing how it will turn out for me and to try the other flavours :smiley:


:Look like an delicious flavour present in the bottle in that pic what is this

Carefully inspecting the picture, I think it’s Vanilla Vegan… -.-’

It does is ,… I would say that the label gives it away quite clearly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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