Energy! 1st impressions in Washington, DC

Wow! I just tried my first Plennyshake (Vegan Vanilla). Notes on my experience:

  • The order came fast! I’m in Washington, DC, and my order of 30 bags of assorted vegan flavors came in just six days from NL. even sent me a FedEx tracking number on request.
  • Measuring was simple. The scoop was useless for measuring; I checked the forum and just filled the mixer to the 400ml stripe. Easy.
  • Lots of ENERGY! I was kind of sleepy before, but after drinking my first batch, I’m full of energy! I was not expecting that. Maybe I was lacking some nutrients (I’m vegan and a little lazy about cooking, and getting nutrition right is a little tricky).
  • Tasted GREAT!. I decided to use whichever flavor came out of the box first. It ended up being Vanilla, so I wasn’t expecting anything great. Well, it was tasty!. Kind of like horchata without cinnamon (which makes me want to mix cinnamon in next time).

All in all, I’m very satisfied. I’m hoping to use this as my primary meal source, and right now, I’m feeling very confident that this will work for me.


Yay! Great to hear you’re satisfied :slight_smile:

I’m very happy so far, and can see that Jimmy Joy is working for me as my primary food source. I’ve gone ahead and gotten a monthly subscription!

That’s awesome! :dizzy: