Taste of vanilla shake vs drink?

I ordered a starter box a few months ago with chocolate shake and vanilla drink.
The chocolate shake tastes very bad to me and I had a hard time finishing my pouch. However the vanilla drink was pleasant. However I don’t want to buy many drinks rather than shakes because they induce more packaging and the 400 kcal countenance is not right for me.

So I wonder if the vanilla shake has the same taste as the vanilla drink, or are they two different things?

In my opinion they have a slightly different taste but that is probably due to the slightly different ingredients required to keep Drink preserved properly as a wet product.
I would suggest just try out vanilla Shake. I personally like it, not quite as punchy in the flavour as Drink, but its clear everyone has a different opinion from product to product.

Thanks for your feedback. It’s good to hear you like the shake.
I agree that trying it is the easiest solution to have my answer as taste varies from person to person, but with disliking the chocolate one so much I’m a bit scared…

Hi Chlo, indeed the preference depends on the person. FYI our most popular flavors are vanilla, banana, and chocolate. Since you already disliked the last one, you could give it a try to the vanilla and banana shakes :drooling_face: :banana:

Thanks for your answer.
If chocolate is among the most popular flavours it seems that I have a very different taste from most of your consumers unfortunately and that would indicate that I wouldn’t like the vanilla shake either… :frowning:

I would encourage you to try the vanilla shake, I’ve been the total opposite, I really dislike the vanilla drink but my primary shake flavour is vanilla (I use the active version). Interesting to see people’s tastebuds and preferences differ so much, the only way to know is to try yourself!

Thanks for your feedback! Have you tried the chocolate shake and do you like it?

Yeah I like the chocolate shake, prefer the chocolate drink. The vanilla drink is probably the only product I don’t like

Thanks for your answer it seems we have very different tastes indeed! :slight_smile:

I found the taste to be very different to be honest. Both are nice but the pre-mixed drink is my favourite but you can improve flav of the powdered drinks with a little creativity.

As a long time JJ consumer I learned to mix them up with other ingredients. In the chocolate shake I often put a spoon of Nesquick in to give them extra flavor. Same with Banana, I add some extra honey and a banana and blend it all in a blender for a moment before I chill them in the fridge.

In all cases I fill my shaker with crushed ice first to prevent any lumps from sticking to the bottom and the melting ice does change the texture as with mixing drinks for cocktails. The crushed ice gives it a better texture when shaking.

I have tried to make the vanilla taste the same as the pre-mixed vanilla by adding a bit of honey and custard powder but failed at that even though the vanilla shake does taste very nice with a dash of custard. The strawberry shake I often mix with frozen berries and then put them in the blender for 30 seconds. It also changes to color a bit and makes it look more appealing.

Another alternative is to use milk instead of water to mix the shakes. Even skimmed milk gives all the shakes a super creamy taste and think it really improves the overall experience.

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Thanks for your detailed answer! :slight_smile:
I should have mentioned that I took a leap of faith and ordered a banana and a vanilla shake and find their taste rather pleasant. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion of mixing different kind of things. Using milk instead of water is actually how I managed to make the chocolate shake tolerable to my taste. However this is not something I like to do in general because in my case I think it’s very easy to absorb far too many calories with one meal without realising it because the liquid goes down so easily. This is already the case with the regular meal (I don’t know how many calories I absorb in the daytime so I’m not sure how many I should have at dinner, which is the time I use shakes), so I’m afraid that by adding stuff I would completely go off the charts! :slight_smile:

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