Changes in the shipping costs and tracking

Hello! I made my order 3 days ago and the shipping costs to Spain was 10€ in Standard Delivery. Now I checked the list and noticed that Spain was moved to EU Countries #1 and I was guessing if that change is permanent. And it’s a shame that didn’t change before placing my order, I could get one more bag instead of shipping! Haha :grin:

And it’s possible to get a tracking number in the future? I’m too anxious and would be great to know the estimated time of arrival! :blush:

Thank you for everything!

Hi @Ouronok :slightly_smiling:
We have indeed lowered the prices on shipping to our top selling countries. This is temporary for February only.

You should always receive a tracking code no later than two business days after placing your order. If you have not received any tracking code, please contact our customer support at We’ll have that sorted for you!

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Thank you, Olivia! ^^
Thought that was only free shipping to these countries, not also less cost to other ones! And nope had not recieved my tracking code, I’ll send the email when I arrive home :stuck_out_tongue: