Chocolate+4g Cinnamon tastes great and cinnamon is anti-inflamatory

I’m a bit underwhelmed with the plain chocolate. I don’t dislike it, but of all the flavors, I like it the least. Also, I take anti-inflammatory herbs and spices. I tried mixing the chocolate Plennyshake and cinnamon this morning and it was great. It will become a regular thing for me.

I’m looking forward to opening a bag of banana, since there is a banana turmeric curry I really love and I want to see how that works. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory. I’ll probably add some chile powder or garam masala to round that out. [Still experimenting]

Choco+cinnamon is inspired by mexican chocolate, which has cinnamon. And another combination I’m looking forward to is
choco+cloves+ Cayenne+cinnamon which is inspired by Mexican mole sauce. [Still experimenting] These are all also anti-inflamatory spices.

I’m guessing strawberry+cinnamon will also be good.

I’ll give a full report on how these worked out.

Of course, the Plennyshake flavors are chocolate, strawberry, banana, mango, and vanilla. Any other iterations of these spices and the Plennyshake flavors that might work?

So, I tried Banana+turmeric only and was not impressed. It was tolerable, but that’s not good enough. So I tried:

173g Banana
4g turmeric [This was too much]
1g chili powder
1g garam masala (heavy on cloves)

First off, it needs to sit a while for the spices to integrate well with the rest. By the time I got 2/3 through it, the flavor began improving. I used too much turmeric, but I can taste something in this combination that may have potential. I’m going to reduce the turmeric and try again. The chili powder was just the right amount of spicy for me and when it first gets in my mouth that garam masala and the banana really seem to work, but then the turmeric kicks in and overwhelms everything else.

OK. So I just put together tomorrow’s lunch and it will be:

Mole inspired.

173g Chocolate
2t cinnamon
1t chili powder
1t garan masala
1t cocoa powder

We’ll see.

Conclusion: I liked this a lot, though I will reduce everything by half and see how that is. The spices were rather strong. I think it could could be something I make often with a bit more tweaking.