Different flavours mixed together

Okay so, I heard about 50/50 banana-chocolate. Maybe I will try that some day, but I hate banana :stuck_out_tongue:

What about this:
50:50 Mango and strawberry - I liked it.
50:50 Vanilla and Chocolate - since Vanilla is very subtle, the whole shake tasted like not enough-chocolate.
70:30 Vanilla and strawberry - I kinda liked the subtle strawbery taste in the whole vanilla-flavoured shake.

So, what are your flavour mixes ?

P.S.: For discussing augumenting jimmy joy with another ingredients (not just mixing jimmy joy) please use this forum: Chocolate+4g Cinnamon tastes great and cinnamon is anti-inflamatory

I only mix strawberry to utilize the leftovers that I have because on it’s own it’s just too “yuk”.
Besides that, it’s not a good idea to mix flavours very often.

Why is it not a good idea?

I like chocolate with strawberry and coffee.

Me and my hubby create mixes pretty often, it’s pretty easy if you’ve got a few bags open at any time and you just take however many scoops of each you feel like that day.

We’ll use vanilla Huel as a base since we prefer its texture to Jimmy Joy’s quite a bit, but as their flavouring options are fussy and Jimmy Joy’s are very nice we’ll use 30-50% Jimmy Joy for variation.

Banana/strawberry/vanilla’s really nice, and I haven’t really tried any obvious combinations of strawberry/banana/chocolate/mango/vanilla that are really bad. Using vanilla as a base flavour and limiting the other flavours helps not make the combination’s taste to become too overpowering.

I did 50/50 strawberry and mango today, the mango took over the flavor profile and I hardly tasted the strawberry. I may try again with a 75/25 strawberry to mango mix.

I have done:
50/50 of Strawberry/Banana
50/50 of Chocolate/Vanilla
50/50 of Chocolate/Banana <-- Favorite Currently
75/25 Mango/Vanilla (You should give this a try)

I will give the mango/vanilla a try since I have two of each bag left. I’m nearly out of Jimmy Joy!

i always order Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana in the same quantities.

Then i cycle the flavours like this:


Whenever there is some left over in a bag, i mix it with the next in the cycle. All of the mixes taste great, and it makes for a lot of variation!

i have tried strawberry + chocolate before, but it was kind of disappointing, so i cut it out of the deal :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a bag of Huel left too, is it safe to mix it with Jimmy Joy?

Should be fine! Let me know how it tastes <3

In general I mix everything 1/2 or 1/4 with banana. But I mainly prefer the mango and strawberry ones.