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Hi all!

New here, and I just ordered my first 5 bags to test the waters. I am a severely overweight woman, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. I absolutely loathe cooking, and attributes to why I’m obese in the first place.

If this works for me, I could easily see myself using these meal replacements for the rest of my life. My main concern is the longevity in a company like this. You see fads come and go, but I always wonder for the poor people who what ever fad it was they tried worked, where do they go from there once their go to product is no longer available?

I know there are a multitude of different meal replacements options, but they vary enough that if I were to lose weight on one, I might gain on another. I’ve also noticed that Jimmy Joy offers more flavor selection than most, I just couldn’t have plain or vanilla forever, bleh! So what is a girl to do? Can you honestly say that for someone who might become a forever customer, might not have a lot to worry about?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to doom the company. I’m just looking toward the future, my future. I know that if I can ever shed the tonnage I never, ever want to gain it back, so I am looking at my options. Are there other ways of duplicating this formula without being a super genius scientist? Would the company, if coming to misfortune offer something of a solution to their long time supporters?

Thanks for reading, again I’m not saying the company is doomed to fail. We just don’t know what the foreseeable future holds. I just want to know if something bad does happen to Jimmy Joy, that we as consumers have reasonable option to continue to get our special dietary needs met.


Hello DethBuny!
The answer to your first question is simple: you need to try it and evaluate yourself if Plenny Shake works for you. There is nothing to worry about, there is the ingredient list and you can easily check if you are allergic to something

For your last question, well, you known that there are a multitude of meal replacements options and in case, you can just choose another solution (including go back and eating regular food) :slight_smile:

Don’t know if you can replicate the same formula but you can “easily” prepare your custom shake by looking on the online recipes (always check the reviews and obviously that the blend is adapt to your diet). This website may help
Of course, you will need to buy all the ingredients from all the different sources and this requires much more time than just click “Buy Shake” :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion is to focus on the present and near future, where Jimmy Joy is healthy than ever :blush:



Thanks for your reply. I was just worried because regular food is my enemy. If I eat regular food that’s full of wonderful flavor, some how I end up right back eating the wrong things. For me food is like cigarettes to someone who craves nicotine, or drugs to a drug addict. If I’m on the wagon so to speak, one bite triggers me to crave things I can’t just have occasionally.

I know myself, if I’m able to get my weight off by using this product and I try to go back to eating “normal” than I will blow back up and probably gain more weight than I ever have before.

Some diets say you will fail if you don’t allow yourself a cheat day, or allow yourself to eat some of the things you like occasionally. I can’t do that. You don’t let a drug abuser have drugs sometimes, so it’s the same for me.

I decided a long time ago if I could just find one diet that is full with nutrition and simple on preparation I’d never eat anything else. These shakes might be my golden ticket out of this overweight prison I’m in.

Again thanks again for the links and responding. I hope I didn’t sound to negative.


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Hi there!
We can assure you we’re going to do our best to stay around as long as possible :wink: Also, our shakes have a shelf life of a year, so you can stack up if that makes you feel more comfortable as well! We would suggest speaking to a dietician if you need more advice on how to use shakes to loose weight. If you’ve got any other product related questions you’re of course welcome to ask them here.