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Eatnano service is as bad as a slap


So I ordered Jimmy Joy , taste is better than expected, the people working for Jimmy Joy are helpful and kind.

Jimmy Joy though is not gluten free and I discovered to be gluten intollerant.

I checked around for competitors offers, through some research i ended at eatnano webpage.

Since the webpage description on the search engine states it is gluten free but the website doesn’t anywhere, I kindly asked them for confirmation if their product is or not gluten free, Inreceived a yes by email, but as soon as I asked for any certification they cut the contact.

Maybe they believe gluten free is a trend and not a medical condition, that is rude and infuriating.

At Jimmy Joy they were kind enough to be precise about risks of contamination.

I still hope Jimmy Joy will go gluten free…
For gluten intollerant people, depending on the city of residence, shopping is lengthy, going to restaurant is tricky, eating with friends doesn’t get easy neither.
I love good food and I’ve to juggle my time more since my options are less.

Gluten free Jimmy Joy would give me and lot of people in the same condition, the free time needed to work and the free time to cook tastier meals, simplifying one meal per day.

You’re just the best offer out there in terms of user experience and taste :frowning: please

Also, @€!$*# nano.


What a shame our products don’t work for you because you’re gluten intolerant! If you’d like to return the bags you have left to us and receive a refund that’s of course possible.

We actually tried to make a gluten free version once, but it unfortunately changed the taste of our products a lot. Perhaps we’ll look into this again in the future though :slight_smile:


That’s why you’re the best!

My husband likes your product too much, so he’s going to eat all of it :slight_smile:

Sadly we don’t know what to buy next :confused: when just one of us is drinking shakes and the other is eating solid food for lunch it is quite awkward and doesn’t save us the cooking time.

I just discover that pizza and pasta, together with plenty other things, are trying to kill me :0 I’m definitely confused on what to eat.

Thank you for your offer :slight_smile:
You’re always kind and trying to be helpful :slight_smile:


Great to hear you are enjoying our products! If you’d purchase a second shaker, you can drink Plennyshake for dinner together :wink:


Hi Isabel :wink: we have two shakers. We can’t drink it together anyway, as I moreless said at the beginning of this thread, gluten is poisonous for my body, extremely poisonous…
My intolerance is genetic.
That’s why, sadly and many symptoms later, I’m writing here to say goodbye to the otherwise optimal experience of using your product. I’m also having to say goodby to my favorite coffee place and restaurants if I don’t want to die soon.

Sorry for the long off topic conversation, I guess I’m a bit in shock after the tests results.
Thank you for the short but good time I’ve been your customer. You’ve been splendid.


Oh, right! That’s too bad :pensive: