Farewell Jimmy Joy. Yes because of Trump

Morning everyone.

The CEO/Founder/Owner of Jimmy Joy, Joey, supports Trump. I cannot support someone who supports Trump.

Good luck to those in the office who have a boss who supports racism and misogyny, I thought you were a cool company for happy people.

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Hi Dirk! I understand your decision, but we of course do not support racism and misogyny. We would like to let you know our company is actually very diverse, as a lot of different people with different opinions work here. Our current CEO actually hates Trump, for example :wink: I hope this clears things up a bit, and I hope you’ll be able to still enjoy our products knowing this!


Tbh I am more a libertarian than a Trump supporter. So if I where American I would probably vote Gary Johnson. It is true that I prefer Trump over Hillary though. I fear that she would be too much in favor of her rich banker and weapon manufacturing donors. Also I feel she would be more likely too resolve to military interventions as she was in favor of that in Iraq and Libya. I might be wrong and if you would like to change my mind you can add me on Facebook to have a discussion. I am actually quite interested in the topic. Just for the record I am not American and have no voting rights. My vision won’t change a thing. Also race or gender does not play a role in my preference, I prefer to judge people as individuals.

The company does not have a political affiliation. There are a lot of different opinions and we have no preference. I am sure a lot of people working at Jimmy Joy prefered Bernie Sanders and some Gary Johnson like me, fewer are very pro Trump or Hillary.

What is yours?


Very honest of you, thanks for that. From your tweets I got a more libertarian vibe rather than Trumpish republican. Hillary is by no means my ‘ideal’ candidate for presidency, but I would have voted for her because not doing so would bring Trump closer to the White House as has just happened. (Would’ve preferred Bernie)

I am sure you have heard/read/seen at least as much as me during the campaigns. The things Trump has said about Mexicans, Muslims and women, etc, no matter how out of context, are to me simply unacceptable. His proposed policies and changes might not be so bad, and a good shake-up of ‘the system’ is badly needed. The way the media behaved, pundits, pollsters, journalists, FBI, etc. Totally not cool, and I get that anti-establishment sentiment. But in the end by voting for Trump you put a man in the oval office who thinks it’s OK to grope women and that is not something that is excusable in my opinion.


I’m pretty sure Joey does not live in the US.

I am a liberal. I think Trump is reprehensible, unsuited for the office and his voters are mistaken at best and malicious at worst. However, I am a liberal. That means I respect people’s right to make their own decisions and would never boycott or participate in a boycott against a company over a personal political decision or a political comment. I think such behavior is antithetical to a civil society - possibly more so than Trump himself, because it contributes to the polarized climate that made Trump possible.

I do not think that anyone should ever have to justify their political stance in order to court customers or stay employed.


The Dutch cannot vote for US candidates. Also, though I am Dutch and given the chance would have voted Bernie Sanders, Hillary is so incredibly corrupt AND is the key factor in the fall of Libya and many wars (they support Qatar and Saudi governments, which are behind ISIL), that you at least have to understand that some vote Trump not because of his message, but because he represents something very different from Hillary. What Trumps says is unacceptable, but what Hillary does is IMO, completely unacceptable. North Africa and the Middle East is destabilized and we have a second cold war, plus we’re closer to a world war than many people realize. And since Bernie Sanders has actively been blocked within his own party people lost a lot of trust in it, Hilary Clinton represents the elite, so you can understand that a lot of Americans, who need two jobs often just to get by, for now, want a focus on their own country (instead of foreign affairs), stable jobs, reduce debt to China and less involvement in the Middle east. I’m not trying to defend Trump in any way, but IMO it’s understandable if you have followed the world politics and the major key players in it (and not just oil but also the banking world) that some people refuse to vote Hillary. And if they refuse to vote Hillary they only have two options: don’t vote (which is exactly what a VERY large percentage did), or vote Trump. I also think that Trump is backing down from a lot of things he said since he already seems to be doing precisely that. In any way, I hope for a stable world and I hope people will not let themselves be lead by this highly polarizing “divide and conquer” political strategy, but come together in a peaceful way and demand a positive change. A stable US of A, Middle East, Eastern EU border and world, in general, is what we all need right now. Peace. :slight_smile:


Thank you for letting me know, I did not know Jimmy Joy was a company that embraced bigotry.

I will never buy another Jimmy Joy product, and I’ll tell everyone at my gym about what a scumbag the CEO is.

Wow, grow a backbone. If the CEO, say, outright endorsed slavery you’d still give him your money? Disgusting.

“Wow, grow a backbone and forget about your principles because I tell you so.”

Hm. No.


Your lack of principles is what you’re describing. Otherwise you would act on them.

One of my principles is not supporting bigotry, so I won’t be buying Jimmy Joy. You just shrug your shoulders instead.

Trump or Hilary, they’re both criminals @TookATrumpInMyPants.

Bernie Sanders was clearly the right choice by a long shot. I cannot fucking believe the American people, especially the Democratic voters fucked that up. I judge Hilary supporters as harshly as I do Trump supporters. With Hilary, most have the illusion that she’s the ‘right’ candidate even though she’s an absolutely awful choice. If I were to vote between Hilary and Trump, I’d vote Trump. I’d vote Trump in the hopes that he’s as awful as he is now (which is sooo fuckin awful and probably worse than I thought) because it’ll actually force people off their damn couch/snapchat/dormant existences to actually take an active role in their own lives, their community and use the power they always had but never used to drive change. In my opinion, America is the most corrupt country in the world for so many reasons and it affects the rest of us. I’m not saying Americans are all bad. I’m saying the system is deeply ill with corruption and greed. I’m pretty sure the only way to repair such a system is something along the lines of anarchy, near complete implosion or a large scale revolution. If a country has a system that allows Trump to be president, then it’s obviously so incredibly damaged and needs major repair.

@joey Thank you for coming on this forum to address this individual openly and honestly on the thread. While I don’t agree with your political views, I appreciate that it seems you have put some thought into your affiliation. More importantly, you are willing to engage others in open conversation about it all. I feel that it is an illness that is growing here in North America. We’re not digging deeper than the surface or the headlines. It’s become fanaticism towards the Red political team or Blue political team. If you’re on either team, you support them no matter what. It appears that a lot of people fail to realize that you can disagree with every political party and have your own opinion. It could be argued that technology and media has done this to us.

Anyways, thanks again for your response. I really enjoy the product(even though I find the new name kind of silly) and I will continue to buy your product because it seems that you’re a very socially responsible company. You offer vegan products and are looking to changing the packaging to a biodegradable product in the near future. Keep up the good work.

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Lol, you literally didn’t even read the first two posts. He does not support Trump at all. And Joy-lent is politically agnostic, they don’t care either way. No one here or in the company is supporting bigotry at all.

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