Foggy head / blurry vision


I’m recently purchased my second batch of Jimmy Joy having previously tried it last year. I’ve been drinking it intermittently over the past couple of weeks for lunch when eating regular food hasn’t been convenient.
I’ve noticed though that after consuming Jimmy Joy I’m left with a slightly foggy head / slightly blurry vision that is most noticeable when reading from a computer and seems to last for a couple of hours - it almost feels like I’ve had a beer.
At first I wasn’t completely sure whether it was related to the Jimmy Joy but after consciously testing it against a normal lunch, it definitely only seems to happen after drinking Jimmy Joy .
I’ve tried drinking it slower and accompanying it with extra water but that seems to make no difference.

Suffice to say this has somewhat put me off Jimmy Joy although I’m curious to see if this is something others have experienced or if this is a likely effect of any of the ingredients?