Got outed by the box

Is there a way to pack the stuff in regular-looking boxes? Not really into advertising this unconventional lifestyle to everyone :wink:

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I would love that too. Re-used boxes would be amazing to see.
And if I had known about the booklet and the sticker that came with my first order I would have asked for not to add them.
I didnt need it and it went into the trash right away. All the info is on the website.

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HI @Likesalt and @LovelyMoi !

Thanks for bringing this up first of all.

There is no option for you to have the products shipped in a neutral box as exception to all other orders. As you will understand this would be a logistic nightmare. Besides that, we of course want you to promote your “unconventional” lifestyle for the whole world to see, but we understand your request fully.

We’re always looking to improve on any part of our service and the sustainability part in that is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) factors. Currently, for example, we are actively working on an increase of recyclable packaging with our products.

On the part of the Starter book and the sticker we ship with first orders, this can indeed be requested to be removed from an order before shipping. We have no option to deselect these from an order beforehand yet, but I will forward that as suggestion to the right people. Hopefully, something like that could become an option for the future.

Sorry for not being able to provide what you request at the moment, but we thank you very much for thinking with us on improving that part of our product. :green_heart: