How to make the Forum more attractive

Hey guys/girls,
lately i saw that posts in this Forum often have hundreds if not thousand(s) of views, but nearly no Thread has more than 50 replies. (searches for the thinking smiley)
We need more people in the Forum!
Lets collect suggestions on how to make the Forum more attractive, so that more people create an account and be part of our community.
Sadly i myself dont have any idea :sweat_smile:

Well, I had some jimmyjoy-plennyshake on toast by mixing only a small amount of water with it to make it into a paste and then spreading it. We could talk about that.

Well that wasn’t actually what i wanted to talk about, but now im interested: how did it taste?

It tastes pretty much like regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake, maybe a bit more bland, which is surprising considering it isn’t dissolved in water. I like to mix varying amounts of water to jimmyjoy-plennyshake to give different textures. At a bit less water you get a creamier drink, at less water again you get a sort of smoothie, at much less you get a paste that’s good for spreading on stuff, and at even less you get what’s basically solid food. If you had some metal baking tray to shape it you could probably make homemade Twenny bars out of it. I don’t have any baking equipment or anything to shape it but I’d like to see someone else try.