I have 2 XL shakers, but not enough small ones - anyone w\ opposite problem?

Or who is at least willing to take the big ones off my hands in exchange for shipping so I have cupboard space for more smaller ones?

It would be silly to throw them out, at this point, since they are still in perfect working order, but I really do not get along with them at all.

I’m in Germany, for shipping and all.

I also have a spare small (i.e. 600 ml) one, bit thinner and taller than the plennyshake standard, with no visible branding, a white lid and round metal whisk thingy instead of the sieve-like lid insert, which for some reason could cope with the old formula, but absolutely cannot not with the new Active one, clumps galore - which I’d happily throw in as well if there’s interest.

Really appreciate you sharing this! It’s always great if we can help each other like this, within the community :smiley: Perhaps consider giving them away to friends or family members or even something like salvation army or thrift shops. Good luck! <3

Thanks for the reminder I should edit my post! Someone has already messaged me to arrange a swap =)
EDIT: Looks like I can’t edit the original post? huh? Not used to this forum , yet.

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That’s awesome, thanks for the update <3