I have discovered the AI’s favourite shake flavour!

I love asking AI what their personal opinion of something is because they never want to answer, they always start telling you “the most popular” or giving random data about people’s preferences.

Well after a few goes at rewording my question, I managed to get a straight answer from Jimmy Joys own AI, and found that her favourite shake would be passionfruit. I even asked the question again in a few different ways to see if the answer would change but no, this AI has a confirmed passionfruit bias. Seems Big Passionfruit is in control here.

Confirmed so I tried again to test it out!

Does anyone else ever test the AI?

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Wow – it seems that JimmyJoy’s own AI and Google Bard are in full agreement regarding the Plenny Bars :wink:
I might want to add that the Caramel Sea Salt is my favourite Plenny Bar, too.

It’s good to know the flavour preference of the AI overlord. You never know when it might come in handy :laughing:

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