I need hazelnut shakes!

Hi. I’m new to Jimmy Joy and I’ve only tasted Vanilla Shake and Chocolate Drink so far, apart from different Bars and Pots. I have to say that the Hazelnut & Caffeine Bar is the Jimmy Joy product that I’ve liked the best! I absolutely loved it, which sadly doesn’t happen with the rest of products that I’ve tasted so far. So, are there any plans to make hazelnut flavored shakes and drinks?

Unfortunately no plans to produce Hazelnut shakes or drinks - sorry :frowning:

As Jimmy Joy have no plans, try hydrating one of the shakes with Hazelnut Milk. (includes a notable fats and calorie bump)

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Oeh, that’s a great idea! I think hazelnut would work really well with the Plenny Shake vanilla flavour!

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