Introducing our eagerly anticipated new meal: Plenny Pot Mac ‘n Cheeze

What to expect?
:cheese: A delicious and nutritious hot meal
:cheese: The cheesiest and creamiest vegan mac & cheese you ever tasted, thanks to our super secret special sauce
:cheese: Just 5 minutes to prepare (maybe we should have named it Mac ‘n Ease)

Here’s a link to make things even easier


I smashed the order button as soon as I saw the email for this, can’t wait to try it!


Bring back the single served pots.
A rival company just did that. There’s market for it.

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Will the Plenny Pots ever be available in the US agian? I’m a big fan!


Noted, with thanks!

At this moment, I have to say no, there are no plans to bring them back to the US for now.
I will, however make sure your request lands on the right desks, thank you.


Hi! I’m following the instructions (shake the bag, use the new scoop, add measured boiling water) but whenever I make this it comes out liquid-y and the pasta is still crunchy. Any advice?

P.S. unrelated note but I think your forum is hidden from search engines. I can never find it on Google etc, have to come via website.

I wonder if I did anything wrong but the first experience was sadly awful. There was no creamy sauce but just what you get when you fill broth powder into water. Waiting and stirring did not help and of course the water was just cooking when I filled it in.

Still hard pasta, barely edible sauce and not even a hint of cheese taste. I will dare it again but no third time if that repeats.

Hope this video I made can help you out How to create the perfect Mac 'N Cheeze


Ooh, I sure hope you bring the XL Plenny Pot to US! I am ALWAYS looking for a good, healthy Vegan Mac 'N Cheese and this seems like a dream come true!

Having a closed lid and waiting long enough really made all the difference. Thank you for your support and hints and I can happily announce that the product is way better than I had feared it might be .

Thank you so much for your response! Is there an option to buy the plenny pots from the EU with increased shipping? Unfortunately, I’d most likey look for other brands of shakes and meals if the pots are not available in the US. Thank you!

Is there an option to buy the plenny pots from the EU with increased shipping?

Our pleasure of course!
We can have a look at the cost for that for a specific order, please check in with us through for that and kindly note what you would like to order in that case so we can have the options checked for it for you accordingly.