Introducing our eagerly anticipated new meal: Plenny Pot Mac ‘n Cheeze

What to expect?
:cheese: A delicious and nutritious hot meal
:cheese: The cheesiest and creamiest vegan mac & cheese you ever tasted, thanks to our super secret special sauce
:cheese: Just 5 minutes to prepare (maybe we should have named it Mac ‘n Ease)

Here’s a link to make things even easier


I smashed the order button as soon as I saw the email for this, can’t wait to try it!


Bring back the single served pots.
A rival company just did that. There’s market for it.

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Will the Plenny Pots ever be available in the US agian? I’m a big fan!


Noted, with thanks!

At this moment, I have to say no, there are no plans to bring them back to the US for now.
I will, however make sure your request lands on the right desks, thank you.


Hi! I’m following the instructions (shake the bag, use the new scoop, add measured boiling water) but whenever I make this it comes out liquid-y and the pasta is still crunchy. Any advice?

P.S. unrelated note but I think your forum is hidden from search engines. I can never find it on Google etc, have to come via website.