Is there going to be a low carb Plennyshake?

Hi, is there going to be a Plennyshake with lower carbohydrates amount in it? My mum is diabetic and unable to use Plennyshake as all of the carbs cause her blood to spike too much :frowning: A low carb version or maybe one without maltodextrin in would be perfect, thanks :slight_smile:


6 years later… I have the same inquiry :slight_smile: Carbs make me sleepy


We currently have no plans for a lower carb version, sorry!
I will however take this as a request and forward it to the R&D superstars to hopefully take into account for the future.


Just bumping this old thread. I’m on a low carb diet and watering the penny shakes down isn’t working for me (tried many times) so I’d have to say goodbye to penny shake or find another solution.

Has anyone here tried mixing the penny shake with whey / protein powder to reduce carb contents? If so, any suggestions on preparation?

I always mix protein with Plenny Shake to increase the protein content. This is mainly to up the protein intake and not so much to cut down on carbs though…

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Great! Thank you so much for replying, I’ll do that. It should reduce carb content and the whey protein powder will give a ‘full feeling’ compared to watering it down.

If satiety is one of the things you are after I’d suggest trying a plant protein. When I’m trying to cut down my weight I use plant protein over whey protein. Plant proteins need much more water and therefore have more volume. They fill me up considerably better

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Thank you. This is really valuable information. I remember from a distant past that JJ sold protein powder (whey at the time)

Would it be nice to add a quality plant based protein powder to the JJ product range? Maybe fortified with the same vitamin mix as the regular powder meals so that mixing 1:1 doesn’t cut vitamin intake by 50 percent.

:eyes: who knows what the future holds…

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