Potential product for a keto diet?

Was looking to get into a keto diet myself, which will probably mean that I will have to prepare my own meals to ensure I don’t consume carbs etc.

I know this is quite a niche group to cater for, but I think it might be something that will help a lot of people! What do you guys think?


I’d be interested in this too


Anyone else interested in this? We’re not currently planning on developing such a product, but if we get enough interest from the community we’ll definitely look into the possibilities!


I would definetly be interested in a keto version of both the powder and RTD.

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Although I’m not interested in kept myself, there is an increasing amount of people that are enjoying this diet for weight loss and the more options we have for people to choose from the better :smile:

That said, I support this idea :slight_smile:

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Interested in a keto bar. Good luck making that work, though :wink:

Know of any good examples? Not that familiar with keto products.

Nope, unfortunately not.

I’m not even on a keto diet myself but as a “traditional” vegetarian with a carb-heavy diet I’d like to cut my carbs down whenever possible.

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I’m very very interested in a Keto complete product too.

@Koningsbruggen the best example that I know in Europe is https://genesisfoods.co/buy-now/ketogenesis-standard

You can also see this wonderful complete meals comparator to see other examples (filter by keto). https://www.blendrunner.com/


I would be also interested in a keto Plenny Shake.

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A keto diet refers to a ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb diet. The goal is to get more calories from protein and fat than from carbs. It works by depleting your body of its store of sugar, so it will start to break down protein and fat for energy, causing ketosis (and weight loss).

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I get CONSTANT targeted advertisements for keto chow, but it’s a much more expensive lent. I think a keto Plenny shake would be awesome, but I wonder if it is awesome and also cost effective.

Are there keto lents around that don’t involve adding a separate oil?

I think they let you add the oil separately because the product would otherwise not be stable. Iam sorry to say that we won’t make a keto version in the short future.

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I think you guys should also interested.

I’m looking into this too. It’s the opposite of a high carb diet for me but promotes lower protein and I follow that thinking, meanwhile, I suggest keto protein shake.

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Isn’t the whole idea of Jimmy Joy to cater to the average nutritional needs of a person? Surely keto is a differing theory of nutritional needs?


Very true, that’s the original idea behind our products! But we’re always interested in seeing how food consumption changes and if that’s something we can stand behind. We like the idea of keto, but haven’t made any concrete plans to create such a product.

My friend whos have been doing keto for years and years claims Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk are speeding up ketosis, according to him you can reach ketosis in a matter of hours if you consume it.

It sounds really strange to me and I can’t really imagine what should promote ketosis in it. It’s like 2g protein 2g carb and 18g fat pr 100ml, so at least I got a new exciting cooking ingredient. I’m gonna try it out after my next carbup but if someone already tried it out and it’s simply a rumor I don’t really feel like it.

He suggested some of these https://www.geekwrapped.com/guides/best-keto-friendly-coconut-oils as he insisted I’m gonna give it a try.


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I’m currently on a Keto diet too and sadly can’t consume plenny shakes as much as I wanted to. However I throw a single scoop of Active my workouts 3 days a week. A keto option would be super extra cool

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How’s the keto working for you so far? Can you elaborate a little on your personal experience?