What new product would you like to see?

What new product would you like to see?
  • Snack
  • Plant-based burger
  • Plenny Shake keto version
  • Non soy shake
  • Plenny shake light version
  • No it’s enough

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I don’t think there’s a new product I would want to see rather a devolopement of the already existing products. Bigger bags of the normal powder and not the higher protein one <— i don’t want more protein, and not more waist if you drink two plennys a day one bag is over in 5 days. But also new awesome flavors, more hotpot flavors etc.

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I actually like 10-meal bags, since I can switch often between different flavours.
Oh, I would definitively need a snack option.

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Snacks would be cool, but not in detriment of the current 400kcal of the rest of the products. Other brands jumped into that 200kcal train and the prices didn’t cut in half because of that.

Definitely, more flavours of the products you already have, and keep improving the nutritional profile, taste, healthiness… :+1:t2:

What would be the health benefit of a potential keto-shake?

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A gluten-free product would be great.

I would have voted the keto shake but I don’t know what it is. The other options are not appealing except if the snack or burger is offered at a cheap price.

My vote (or may I say my wife’s vote) for a non soy shake, since her body dislikes soy (food intolerance).

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Don’t leave out the soy, I chose Jimmy Joy because of its soy content.