What new product would you like to see?

What new product would you like to see?
  • Snack
  • Plant-based burger
  • Plenny Shake keto version
  • Non soy shake
  • Plenny shake light version
  • No it’s enough

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I don’t think there’s a new product I would want to see rather a devolopement of the already existing products. Bigger bags of the normal powder and not the higher protein one <— i don’t want more protein, and not more waist if you drink two plennys a day one bag is over in 5 days. But also new awesome flavors, more hotpot flavors etc.


I actually like 10-meal bags, since I can switch often between different flavours.
Oh, I would definitively need a snack option.


Snacks would be cool, but not in detriment of the current 400kcal of the rest of the products. Other brands jumped into that 200kcal train and the prices didn’t cut in half because of that.

Definitely, more flavours of the products you already have, and keep improving the nutritional profile, taste, healthiness… :+1:t2:

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What would be the health benefit of a potential keto-shake?

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A gluten-free product would be great.

I would have voted the keto shake but I don’t know what it is. The other options are not appealing except if the snack or burger is offered at a cheap price.

My vote (or may I say my wife’s vote) for a non soy shake, since her body dislikes soy (food intolerance).

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Don’t leave out the soy, I chose Jimmy Joy because of its soy content.

Keto shakes are high in protein low in carbs.


Affordable is always our mission :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah that’s a good option too.

Keto is a diet where you cut the carbs almost completely and increase the faf

I‘m really not a fan of keto - What I actually love and appreciate about your brand so much is that you offer WHOLE meals including ALL nutrients, therefore cutting out the carbs seems somehow wrong to me :frowning:
The other options are great though!


The Keto version would be great! A now carb / ultra low carb version would totally win me over! I’m eating way too many carbs already and a keto version would solve that.

Bacon, duck, or chicken flavored bars would be nice too!

I would vote it’s enough, because part of the dream of Soylent was that it would be cheap like tap water so everyone can afford healthy food as much as they need. That hasn’t quite come true, it’s almost as expensive as when you eat out for lunch (assuming you eat more than the advertised “€1.4/meal” for a barbie doll with extra anorexia). More variants means spending more money on initial design and then producing small amounts of various variants, increasing the price above what it needs to be for everyone, but of course it’s not phrased like that because choosing to not try something exciting and new would be perceived as stagnating to most managers and you are unlikely to expect to do that.

So since there’s little point arguing for fewer variants, let me do a strategic vote¹ for the non-soy shake. I know some people that don’t like soy (one says it gets her belly aches, the other just doesn’t like the texture or flavor or something), so non-soy would let me share it with more people, which would be convenient when traveling and not having to bring or find full alternative meals.

¹ Using something like OpaVote would reveal how many people are also content with the current offering.

Snack but not not with the meaning of something like the bars but something for evenings like crisps or nuts, mini rice crackers an dso on.

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Grain-free, gluten-free shakes. Maybe even soy-free. For people with food allergies.

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Would love some lower cal high protein bars :blush:

I went for snack. I like the ideas Jimmy Joy has come up with so far, so I trust the creativity process.

There are already a lot of vegan burgers on the market, so it doesn’t interest me.

Keto or non-soy also sound interesting and would make your products more accessible to more people. If it was a keto product maybe rather than a shake, something like a jimmy joy fat bomb? A keto shake might be a bit too fatty/ rich to drink.

I just hope if you do one of these it is in addition to the existing products, not instead of them. I like that the shakes have carbs .

Other ideasL Jimmy Joy ice cream, Jimmy Joy hot chocolate, more savoury snacks! I liked the pizza bar but it was just a tad too sweet for me.