Suggestion for a new version: ketogenic, hypocaloric, low carb, high fat

Many people would like to go on a weight loss diet but they do not know which to choose, they are difficult and expensive to follow and there is the risk of not taking all the basic macronutrients.
So you could study a new version of JJ: ketogenic, hypocaloric, low carb, high fat.
Something around 1200 calories, with a percentage of carbohydrates not higher than 10% but containing all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients of a complete diet.
This would not be designed for continuous feeding, but only for short periods (2-4 weeks) with the aim of reducing fat mass.
I think it could be another good product to sell.


I second the suggestion to add a ketogenic/low carb version (preferably with lower fiber content too)
Also miss the whey-protein so I’m for the return of a non-vegan version. :stuck_out_tongue:

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another reason to keep watch over the keto-space :slight_smile:

ready-to-drink though… and US-product, so not as interesting… :wink:

Keto products are certainly more limited in the EU than in the US, but there are still some brands that do them like GenesisFoods and Chia Shake.

I feel like Europe is filled with Vegan non-gmo organic gluten free local (combination of those), whereas the in the US there is a high proportion of keto products. Not sure if it is a reflection of something.