It’s will be apple and cinnamon flavour back?

Just wondering if Apple and cinnamon flavour will be available?
Another question if it’s any other new flavours will be out ? Thanks.


We have no short-term plans on bringing the Apple/cinnamon back. But i will pass your request on so perhaps the person in charge will change his min.

We just launched hazelnut and somewhere in January we will be launching our next super secret limited edition! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer. I can’t wait to try new flavour.

Kudos on the special editions, the ones I tried out so far (coco, pumpkin spice, hazelnut) were amazing!

Are you planning to stick to the vegan base for future flavours?

Keep up the good work, I’ll stick around hoping for a dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-salted-caramel special edition.
Also, pistachio. :yum:

That flavour was awesome! One month order from here when available again.

Hi guys!

For our future limited editions we’re going to stick with all vegan products, which we’re really excited about. Also: that dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-salted-caramel flavor sounds AMAZING. I will push this with Karel (our R&D guy) immediately, but of course I’ll take full credit for the idea. Thanks @ganthritor.

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Hi Tim,

I hope you’ll consider non-vegan versions of the limited edition flavours. I really wanted to try all of them, and would have gladly purchased them. Unfortunately, I’m in Australia and the Vegan mixes can’t be shipped here. I wish they were allowed … I’d gladly purchase them. Maybe consider a non-hemp vegan variant, or convince Australia that they’re being silly (they are). Love your products – at least the ones I can get.