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Barrels of Apple Cinnamon

Just to elaborate on my answers to the Time traveler survey:
If you bring back an Apple Cinnamon variant that’s as good as the old limited edition versions… I’m not sure if 25 portions is enough, have you considered shipping barrels? Can you just airdrop a pallet or something?

I’m not sure if I’m joking, I just remember the apple cinnamon [old product name] as being actually better than most snacks.

[update] also, I had to laugh at the old product name being hidden like a curse word might.


By the barrel hahaha! Honestly, if we bring back the Apple Cinnamon I will personally buy myself a lifetime supply before we make it available for customers :wink:

I loved it so much! It wasn’t vegan tho, so if we bring it back it’ll have to be with a different formula, but I’m sure our head of R&D can create a kick-ass new version.

Let’s hope this gets pushed through!

I just realized I should’ve used this video.