Plenny Shake v3 Mango

Hey Gals & Pals.

Where did Plenny Shake Mango Flavour go? I miss it. Get it back please.

Also, The new Apple Cinnamon was pretty lame. Too little flavour. First of all, pretty much no hint of either apple or cinnamon. Are you using red apples? Try GREEN apples instead, and please add mooooore cinnamon.


I wonder if the strength depends on the batch. Or perhaps the amount of water you use. The cinnamon seems quite strong in the bags I have.

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The mango flavour has been discontinued to make room for a couple of new flavours. They will come very soon! And thanks for the feedback on the Apple Cinnamon, we have forwarded it to the R&D team!

Weird, Apple Cinnamon is the most well-pronounced/strongest flavour I’ve tried and I’ve tried all of the current ones. I like that there are actual apple pieces in there and the hints are definitely there.


And that’s how the experience of taste can differ between different people :wink:
We’re glad you like it, thanks for the feedback!