Apple Cinammon

Do we already know when the apple cinammon shake will be back? It’s one of my favourites. Especially in the winter time

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I just went to the site to do an order but won’t until apple cinnamon is back in stock as it’s my go-to and shipping costs a bit so I try to do bulk orders.


My next order will be in february so fingers crossed it will be back then. Also wanted to try the mac and cheeze with this order but saw it’s already out of stock again. Wanted it in my last order but then it was sold out for the first time

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The Plenny Pot Mac 'N Cheeze will be back in stock per beginning of March, the Apple Cinnamon Shakes are back in full effect currently! @childishgiant :green_heart:

Sorry for my late response here, feel free to find us through the Live Chat option on the website or by emailing if you ever find yourself awaiting a reply here.