Jimmy Joy cookie dough

Has anyone else gotten a limited edition flavour? Cookie dough was amazing! I wish they made more of that

We’ve been adding this limited edition to all orders placed between Christmas and new years! Great to hear you love it :sparkling_heart: it’s actually available for purchase now: https://www.jimmyjoy.com/products/jimmyjoy-speculaas.

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You guys made my christmas wish come true, all I ever wanted <3

Thanks a lot!!!

And now I’m thinking of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” (All I ever wanted, all I ever needed was here in your arms…)

It’s a shame that I actually had to youtube it in order to find out what song you were refering to. It’s a classic :slight_smile:, I hope it doesn’t get stuck in your head for the next two weeks…

The lyrics are just a google search away, to make you help forget of course ;).

Such a great song <3

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We’re glad we made your Christmas wish come true! That’s a lovely compliment :evergreen_tree:

I just ordered a bunch, looking forward to tasting it, it should taste amazing!

I hope you keep it available permanently if it sells well :slight_smile:

It reminds me of my mis-spent youth!

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We’re definitely considering it!