New flavours for Christmas

Hey there,

I’ve replaced most of my breakfast with Jimmy Joy for 4 weeks now and I’d really like to see some new flavours. Especially a more savoury taste would be really appreciated. I believe it’s a pretty tough challenge to create something like that but I do believe in you :wink:

But besides that I’d also appreciate some form of variation especially with Christmas being around the corner. What about these ones:

  • Speculaas
  • Cookie Dough
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Caramel
  • Macadamia / Nuts in general

Sending best wishes your way! Keept the good work up :slight_smile:

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Hi Constantin,

Thanks for your input! We’ve done some of them already (speculaas, caramel cookie, cinnamon bun) in our limited editions, but know knows that the future might bring :wink:

Oh, alright. I wasn’t part of the crew back then. But I’m looking forward to a comeback :wink:

I know that they were limited, but please consider bringing back the hazelnut flavor, it was fantastic for breakfast and a pure joy with the milk.
Otherwise, you could do a survey to find out which was the best limited-edition flavour basing on customer’s opinion, and bring it back.
I don’t know which were the production issues with these editions (if there were any), but I think that’s it’s a shame to lose all those flavours which didn’t need any further development.
I sincerely apologize if I offended you, I didn’t want to tell you how to do your work at all. I was just expressing my point of view :grinning: