Trying lots of new flavours with my new delivery!

So happy with my new subscription! Each bag is one week of food for me since I use it breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday. This time I got vanilla, coconut, caramel sea salt, strawberry x2, passionfruit x2, apple cinnamon x2. There’s a few flavours here I haven’t tried before so I’ll review them as I go along. I’m most excited about apple cinnamon :apple:

Also as always I love how colourful the bags are, and always love the artwork :grin:


Love the post, thanks for sharing and for the compliments on the artwork!
It’s always so satisfying to see the full-stock pictures from our customers and it’s also very good to see the bee is keeping watch over them.
We’re looking forward to your reviews, hope you love every single one of them!


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The bee is always watching. :honeybee:

So far I’ve really liked all the flavours I’ve tried! The biggest surprise for me was how much I liked vanilla. I’d avoided ordering it for ages because I thought it might be boring but I was wrong. I don’t know if I’m just basic but vanilla is delicious!

Apple cinnamon was exactly how I’d hoped it would be, I think that’s my new favourite at the moment.

And passion fruit is amazing, it’s a great substitute for the loss of mango. My colleague at work tried that one and said she’s going to make an order soon because she liked it so much.

As always, I really like how subtle the flavours are in plenny shakes. It’s flavoured enough to taste good but it’s never sickly or overpowering so it’s really easy to drink. I haven’t found a flavour I don’t like yet, but we’ll see when I try coconut. I went a bit rogue when I ordered that one as I’m not usually a huge coconut fan. I don’t know what came over me but we’ll find out in a few weeks if I was wrong :coconut:

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the feedback and we’re very happy to see you like them all.
With the Coconut, fingers crossed for a homerun there as well, you know where to find us if they would not be to your liking. As a fellow coconut enthusiast though, I expect those chances to be slim to non-existent :wink: