Labeling errors

There was a thread opened on feb. 6 about the contents of maltodextrin in the active version, and that you would resolve this ASAP, however on my neutral plenny shake active from may. 11 it still says there’s maltodextrin contained in the vitamin and mineral mix. In the Swedish translation it also says it contains artificial sweeteners even though it’s the unsweetened version: “Färdigblandad näringsrik pulvermåltid innehåller sötningsmedel och tillsatta vitaminer och mineraler.” I also think in the ingredients that havremjöl is more accurate than just havre as it is ground to a meal.

Hi Sewil! We still mention maltodextrin on the label it’s a carrier for the vitamin and mineral mix. Its quantity is actually so low that we don’t have to mention it on the label, but for the sake of clarity it’s still on there.

As for the artificial sweetener, what does the Swedish say translated to English? If you could let me know that would help a lot <3

As for the havremjöl, that does indeed sound closer to the actual product. I’ll forward this feedback the team!

Oh awesome, I had a hunch it was in the lower amounts but thanks for clarifying. The Swedish translates to “Pre-mixed nutritious powder meal contains sweetener [sic] and added vitamins and minerals.” I would suggest the following translation based off the English equivalent: “Färdigblandad näringsrik pulvermåltid med tillsatta vitaminer och mineraler.”


appreciate the feedback, Sewil! It’s nice to have a native Swede take a look at it <3