Dissapointed over active version!

I just received my order of Plenny active powder and find it does contain maltodextrin.
I read on the website that the active powder does not contain maltodextrin and even on my last order of the active version it didn’t contain it.
but when I read the ingredients on my received order of banana and strawberry flavor active, it does contain maltodextrin.

i am really disappointed and consider this false marketing, since it still states on the website it doesn’t contain maltodextrin under ingredients.

Hi Morten, I saw your email too so I’ll give you the same response here:

Hi Morten,
I’m so sorry to hear that, thanks for bringing the issue to our attention! I’ve discussed it with my colleagues but it’s actually a labelling error. To wit: there is NO maltodextrin in our Active products. I’m very happy you noticed it’s actually printed on the sticker we’re currently using, we will make sure to change this ASAP.

So sorry for the confusion Morten. As a thank you I have refunded you one Active bag. Thanks for letting us know!


Thank I appreciate it.

Have a good day :slight_smile: