Plenny Drink without Maltodextrine?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I just got my first batch of the Plenny Drink 2.0 and I really like it. I came from Huel Powder, with I also really liked, but I wanted to try pre-mixed drinks, and these ones were much cheaper.

I saw that your recent Plenny Shake formula has been changed to remove maltodextrine from it. I heard some very negative opinions about this stuff (and also read some studies, but I don’t want to go into detail).
Are there any plans to also remove it from the Plenny Drink?

Thanks in advance!

hi Stefan! Please do go into detail, that’s what the forum is for :smiley:

Maltodextrin is produced from different cereals, mainly corn- The sugary part of the crop is extracted and processed into a fine, white, flavorless powder that nutritionally speaking, only provides fastly absorbable carbs. Lets remember that carbs = energy. A lot of fitness people use malto as a pre-workout supplement to get some energy before lifting weights for example.

The bad reputation it has its for what you’ve mentioned, it is a refined carbohydrate (no fiber, vitamins nor minerals) used WIDELY in the food industry because of its low price and flavor-less characteristics, so you find it in a lot of products labels. As we’ve done with the v3, we’re looking into alternatives for the Maltodextrin, but we currently don’t have an eta for a new Plenny Drink formula.

Let me know what you think!

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