Last chocolate order tasting bad

I have 40xchocolate powder on subscription. Everything has been fine and tasted better than ever. But the last batch/bulk of powder, or what you want to call it is strange. It is strange in the sense it tastes different, it doesn’t taste good. It is like there’s no chocolate, some kind of dough mixed with mackerel. It is possible to get down.

This is obviously annoying as I buy this product not to spend energy on food, or thinking about basic needs in that way. But this forces me with this taste to think about it, write this email, and fear for the next batch tasting as shitty as this one, having to stop or reconsider my options if it goes on.

So what happened, have you changed the taste? The formula, have you made a mistake, mixing some wrong stuff in these bags in this order, someone clicked the wrong button somewhere in your mixer machinery?

Hey Nuublior, iam not aware of a fault in the flavouring of the chocolate. Could you email us at with a photo of the batch number.

Where’s the batch number? Just looked all over the bag, couldn’t see anything other than this (pictures attached) But couldn’t imagine that is what you mean or want to see.

I can see from the past this is not the only time it has happened.