Plenny Bar Vanilla - Weird taste?

I’ve ordered some vanilla bars, September 14, (been ordering JJ for a while now, love it), and it has a weird taste.
A very distinctive curry taste. (and smell) Is that something someone has experienced before?
It’s almost like a bad batch, but I was wondering if this was maybe the new norm. If so, I’ll stick to chocolate from now on lol.
But I can’t really imagine this being the new flavor.

Anyone that knows more about this? Or experienced this?

Other than that, still very happy with the chocolate bar and the plenny drinks!

Hey @KingKilo, welcome to our forum! :hugs:

This is strange! It has to be a batch problem, indeed. Could you please send us the batch number of the bar/s to This information is unique to each bar, which is the best before date followed by a time.
Please, let us know when you email us so we can proceed with the investigation and a solution for you :wink: