Did the recipe of plenny bars change?

I had some bars about… 6 months ago, they were terrific, and I always wanted to get back to them.
Yesterday I got a batch full of bars, and I was disappointed with the flavor and taste; it seems different and more “opaque” in flavor.

The flavors I’m referring to are Caramel and vanilla.

Kinda had a similar question here and got the answer :^)

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Not quite what I’m experiencing :sweat: my caramel bars have a very strong flavor on their first bites, and after that, you can get some light sense of the actual caramel flavor. It was much better when I ordered a sample batch with different flavors.

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Hi @miaol

Thanks for posting this. We would like to follow up on this with you to be sure. Could you get in touch with us through the Live Chat or via love@jimmyjoy.com so we can have a look with you? Thanks in advance!

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I just tried reaching out via live chat; however, it seems like I can’t get in touch without an order on the jimmyjoy site. I placed my order with a distributor located in Spain (esjoy).
Does that mean I should reach out to them, or should I send a message to the email you just provided?


Ahhh I seeeee!
Yes, please reach out to the customer service for Esjoy, as we would not be able to check the order on our end in this case.
If anything that can not be sorted with them, just check in with us again and make up something to get in the chat or email us on love@jimmyjoy.com

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Gotcha, I’ll do that!

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