Mango Falvour, Dry lips

Hi, received my first order of jimmyjoy-plennyshake last week and after trying a couple of the flavours I’ve found that i get dry lips whilst drinking the Mango jimmyjoy-plennyshake. As far as I’m aware i don’t have any food allergies, anyone else find they get dry lips with the Mango?

Sipping on on a mango one right now!

No dry lips here.

I will order mango soon and post here if I get the same effect but it seems rather unlikely.

My mother however is allergic to plastic and nickel and unfortunately she’s not imagining it. She would likely get broken lips from this due to the shaker even though the shaker is BPA free. She even gets that from grocery shopping with plastic bags (she uses non-plastic now) or holding her iPad (had to buy her a leather case).

Which other flavours did you try?

If the strawberry and mango ones are like the banana ones then they contain powdered fruit. I assume that is made from freeze fried fruit. Such fruit is unlikely to be organic, but that should not be a problem.

With 1 report, the sample size is too small, and there are additional issues with bias as well such as confirmation bias.

You could do a blind test with a friend. Give them a few flavors to try and see if they specifically get dried lips from the mango ones without specifically asking for that effect but while asking if there are any side effects. Then start to get more specific and see if you get a positive response.

Instead of allergy I suggest to first look at more likely causes. I recommend to get more hydrated ie. drink more water regularly (optionally, as part of your jimmyjoy-plennyshake shake), and put some oil (e.g. olive oil or coconut oil) on your lips. If you’re traveling or sporting buy one of those lip balm sticks. Then, once its empty and if you want to save money without spending it on nonsense, buy coconut oil from the store (sometimes expensive, but not if you hunt for it) and put that in a stick. Use the rest for cooking; it tastes great. Now you got a cheap lip balm for on the road :slight_smile: I need to stress my dry lips have gone away as soon as I started working out more and started to drink more water. I barely have to use lip balm anymore.

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I recommend you to learn all about mango allergy.
Because it can have different symptoms and cause various problems. It good if you have only lips reaction. Once I had respiratory problem from just one lipstick. Will, it was very bad lipstick for me, because it was more natural or organic then usual lipsticks.