Dry throat whilst drinking Plennyshake?

Newbie here.

I’ve started drinking Plennyshake when I wake up and so far have only tried the cappuccino version but I have found that as I drink the tiny tiny pieces appear to make my throat feel a bit dry whilst drinking. So I end up taking a drink of Plennyshake with a drink of water intermittently.

I was wondering if this was a problem that only comes with cappuccino or if I may be preparing it wrong/ too thick etc.

Any advice/experiences are welcome. Still love Jimmy Joy and wish to continue using it!

Heya! :slight_smile: And welcome to the forums! (new souls :imp: I mean; *yay* :angel:)

Anyway; them lads over here are trying to “solve preparation”, which they are trying to achieve by combining “the best techniques from hand-shaking and weight-lifting to build powerful general-purpose shaking methods”.*

Perhaps you should take a look there? :S