Plenny Shake V3 and rice allergy/intolerance

Hey guys, long time user of Plenny here (been 4+ years already). To start, I LOVE Jimmy Joy and it has made my life remarkably easy for the past 4 years. Favorite one so far has been the active banana bag, in regards to taste and the nutrient profile.

However last week I received my last subscription shipment and found out that the recipe had changed to v3. No big deal I thought and started eating from the new v3 active bag. One day later I find my eczema to be as bad as it was when I was drinking milk (which I stopped because I learned I have a milk protein intolerance). It’s normal for me to have flare ups with the eczema, so I thought it will just pass. However a week later the eczema is in the worst state in ages and I have started noticing swelling in parts of my body. After looking at the v2 to v3 comparison and googling around for the changed ingredients I noticed rice allergy is caused by the same protein bands as milk allergy. Top suspect: rice flour.

So I’m now taking a break from the Plenny Shake and then eating it again for a time to confirm the allergy, but I’m fairly confident I might have to stop eating it altogether. Is there any way to bring the maltodextrin based shake back, or replace the rice flour with something else? I really don’t want to go back to making food for myself 4 times a day. I even took a look at the other brands’ powders and they are using brown rice protein which doesn’t sound good to me…

Anyways, hugs and love to Jimmy Joy peeps. I seriously hope I don’t have rice allergy but I’ll keep you updated.

Hi there! So sorry to hear about your eczema flaring up like this and even more sorry to hear we had something to do with that :frowning: Hope it’s better now that you’ve stopped using our products. The rice flower would indeed explain it… Let us know how it goes and what you find out over the next couple of days <3