May I know your opinion about this issue

As always we are experimenting to improve the formula. Because our goal is to make the healthiest meal scientifically possible we test ingredients based on the bioavailability of nutrients. Today I reached a dilemma where we have an ingredient that delivers the best source of beta carotene but it makes the shake very orange. Would you rather have a less bioavailable form of beta carotene and not a bright orange colour to the shake or won’t you mind?

100% bioavailability matters more. Its already a bottle of sludge the colour is the last thing that concerns me.
Over the last 4-5 years of using the Joy product line and Mana it’s always been bioavailability.

I started with Joy… and moved to Mana based on Omega 3 bioavailability. I moved back to Jimmy Joy recently for the big bag reduced packaging and cost. As you said “make the healthiest meal scientifically possible”


I wouldn’t mind. I’d be surprised if anyone would . It might raise the voice of those bystanders who jump on the “it’s unnatural”-bandwagon (I’ve lost count on how many times people have tried to “lecture me” on how “bad” my diet is), but I think those who are critical of “powder-food” will be critical of it regardless of it’s taste, colour, nutrition value, etc… I highly doubt an orange colour put any current or potential customers off, especially not if the orange colour is the consequence of a better nutrition-value :slightly_smiling_face:


I have never even thought about the colour of my shakes and talking to my coworkers who also drink Jimmy Joy and other competitors products, it has never came up in a discussion.

Colour doesn’t matter at all, people drink Plenny shake every day because it is healthy and easy to prepare. Bioavailability is definitely way more important than colour, I’m quite confident that most people have the same mindset as me.


Thank you all for weighing in!

Agreed with general consensus. Color isn’t important.


Color isn’t important.