Nausea + Plenny Active

I have the Plenny Active Chocolate 3.0 drinking once to sometimes twice a day since i received it. Is it normal to feel nauseated when drinking it on an empty stomach? I imagine it shouldn’t when it’s supposed to be a meal replacement. Is there a way to curb the nausea?

Hey @AsiaN! welcome to the forum!

You shouldn’t feel nauseous at all! Since it is only on an empty stomach and not every single time, then we can omit a possible mild intolerance to any of the ingredients.
Since it is a calorie-heavy shake, some people can experience discomfort if the shake is drunk fast. Is it possible that you are drinking it too fast?

I’ll test it out again tomorrow. The first time I didn’t drink it too fast, but it’s not really enjoyable to drink too slow either. Is there something I can mix into it?

Hey @AsiaN !

How did it go?

The idea is to drink it as slowly as you would a regular breakfast. You can try drinking it within a 10-minute timeframe, giving your stomach time to “wake up” and start working.