Plennyshake Vegan consistently upsets my stomach

First time trying Plennyshake. Each time I’ve drank it it has made me violently ill. I feel extremely nauseous and dizzy. What can I do about it now? The website says you can’t return once you’ve consumed any. Is there someway I could get a partial refund?

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Closed bag should be refundable. Send a message to the nice people at they will help you :slight_smile:

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@Jaycawb is right! You can of course return the unopened bags you have left to us so we can refund you for these. Just send an email to love@jimmyjoy. I’m really sorry to hear you feel sick :pensive: I would advice you to go see a doctor if it lasts!


You are not the only one - I’ve had similar problems. Even when drinking, I found it hard to swallow because of an extremely revolting side taste (which I suppose is either the soy or hemp?) and a few minutes after I would get nauseous and my stomach would hurt. My girlfriend had the same experience, at least with the taste.

It’s good to know I can send back the unopened bags, because stupid as I am I ordered 30 bags, not expecting a huge difference from regular plennyshake, but now I’m definitely going back… Pretty sad, I would’ve liked to go vegan, but I just can’t.

I am in the same boat. Loved the regular Plenny, but got pretty sick from the vegan ones, which I ordered a months worth…

Great to hear there is a possibility to send em back.