New Avatar Perk for time travelers?

I was thinking… These super cool avatar pictures on the meet the team page… Would it be a nice idea for a perk for time travelers to show their member status with a custom avatar? It will help to ‘get the word out’ and would be a nice souvenir for those that reach time traveler status.

It probably is a lot of work for the illustrator but there could be a cost associated to limit applications. I for one would love to have a JJ style avatar I can use on social media and don’t mind paying for it either.


Hi @martijnw,

That is a great suggestion. I will discuss it with the team during our next meeting! Like you said we have limited resources. Poor Josse (the illustrator) would be drawing all day to keep up with demand, haha. But I like the general idea of our besties having the option to get their own avatar.


You could charge people for it but still only make the option available to time travelers (very exclusive) or you could (running for cover here!) issue them as an NFT to give proof of actual ownership or auction them off and use the proceeds to plant trees in a far, far, away jungle somewhere.

Limiting availability and charging for the work would be essential to keep Josse from going insane :smiley: Charging for it is also not more than reasonable considering the amount of work that goes into creating such an artwork.

The collection of JJ avatars could also be used for a ‘people of JimmyJoy’ campaign to show how popular the brand is. People who have their avatar drawn must agree to the image being used for marketing purposes.