New Product! Jimmy Joy Insight! (NL ONLY)

So we’re launching our first non-edible product this week.
Can you guess what it is? :eyes:
Please only get hyped if you live in the Netherlands because this product will only be shipped there, at least for now.

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Meet Jimmy Joy Insight—our first non-edible product that gives you quick and easy insight into your health. Just from home, without doctor appointments.

Insight is a comprehensive blood analysis kit with 10 essential biomarkers. In collaboration with a recognized laboratory, you will quickly receive the reliable results in your inbox. Based on these results, you can make adjustments to your diet, supplementation, or lifestyle to potentially improve your health.

Netherlands only for now - Sorry!


Exciting news. I do not yet understand the full value, that the results would bring, but monitoring your health based on your blood sounds like a trending future topic. I would certainly try it! I would expect to have the results in a nice format and be able to compare over time + get actual recommendations.

I believe the better/more tangible the recommendations are the more the relatively high price will be justified.

I remember you did a Q&A on the Plenny Shake V3 back in 2020 with Joanna Saad. Any chance you could have something like a Q&A or Announcement stream on Insight with a little demo, questions, explanations? Or did I maybe miss that? :see_no_evil:

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As a physician, Ive gotta say Im kinda sad to see you join this band wagon.

Doing bloodwork on people without symptoms contributes to an unhealthy focus on details that in reality have no impact on actual health, and as such, these type up products end up being detrimental to ones health.

If you do not experience symptoms, dont take blood test. If you experience symtoms, see your GP.

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@z0rg, you haven’t missed the Q&A because we haven’t conducted one yet. Your suggestion is fantastic! Thanks for the feedback; we’ll share it with the team. :hugging_face: The results will include explanations for each biomarker. If anything is out the healthy range, we’ll recommend a visit to your GP for further tests. This test isn’t a final diagnosis but a tool to check essential nutrition-wise biomarkers and prevent imbalances before symptoms arise.

@Cheeserider, it’s great to learn that you’re a physician; we’ve seen you in the forum for a while! :blush: We value your perspective. Please know that we consulted various health professionals to understand different views on home blood tests, and we proceeded based on that. Since the beginning of Jimmy Joy, our products have been inspired by our needs and community input. Despite following a healthy lifestyle, we’ve realised that individual bodies behave differently. While we understand the concerns about over diagnosis in the public health system, we believe that occasional self-checks, once or twice a year, can help identify potential issues early on.

We understand that the constant need to check with a doctor can be overwhelming for both sides. However, we strongly believe in the importance of preventive measures for maintaining good health. Insight aims to empower our customers to take a proactive approach to their health, enabling them to make quick adjustments and potentially prevent issues before they become evident. Conditions like Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies are areas where proactive measures can make a significant impact.

Empowering individuals with a better understanding of their bodies is a key aspect of our mission. We firmly believe that health shouldn’t be a complex topic reserved for medical professionals alone and sharing this information with your own GP can play a vital role in building a comprehensive health history. Our intention is not to discourage people from visiting their GPs; rather, we advocate for individuals to perform basic self-checks. By identifying imbalances before symptoms arise, individuals can seek timely advice from health professionals. It’s about fostering a collaborative approach to personal health, where individuals and doctors work together for better outcomes :green_heart:

Still, seeking a diagnosis should really only be instigated if a symptom is present.
More than attempting to pre-empt and screen, one of the key parts of educating the public is teaching them to listen to their body, and seek medical advice if something is off. It is not so much a question of over diagnosing, as it is a question of facilitating an unhealthy amount of worry. By making health a matter of biochemistry youre not simplifying things, youre grossly misunderstanding health as a whole, and at the same time incinuating, that even if one feels healthy, this might not be the case.

The risk of being seriously sick without having symptoms is extremely low in younger adults, at least untill around 50 years of age. This is why professional screening programmes arent targeting younger adults, and in this group fear of being sick and focus on insignificant details in things like diet is a far bigger threat to the general wellbeing than actual morbidity.

Profylaxis isnt screeing, because screening doesnt increase health. If anything, abundant screening deteriorates health.
Profylaxis is exercise, a healthy, varied diet and quitting tobacco and alcohol. Oh, and having an optimistic, balanced percepion on ones own health.

Hey @Cheeserider I’ll just share my personal thoughts here.

I’m 34 male normal build and feel healthy - I don’t really have any symptoms that would suggest otherwise. However, even with incorporating JJ meals into my life (on average just 1 meal a day though) I know that my diet is not the healthiest overall.

By doing Insight I now have confirmation that my cholesterol levels are in fact on the high end, and that it would probably be a good idea to try and lower this through my diet. Additionally, I have also found out that I have a B12 deficiency (despite eating plenty of meats/eggs/cheese etc), which is something that I will start to supplement and visit my GP for a checkin in 6 months from now.

I understand your thoughts and where it is coming from, but really we only want to facilitate an easy do-at-home test that can be used as guidance to improve further health if necessary, and at the same time don’t overburden the (Dutch) healthcare system.

If you feel perfectly healthy with no symptoms, and follow what is considered a healthy diet - this product is probably not for you!