New to JJ, waiting for our 1st order!

Hi! New here, just waiting on our first order. Never tried this type of food before so ordered both a starter and sample box. The plan is to use them for lunchtime and maybe breakfast.


Hi @Cliffers,

Welcome to the fam! We think it’s a great idea to use our products are lunch or breakfast! Our starter kits are a very good way to get accustomed with our products, hope you like them and please share your favourites with us!

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My order actually arrived yesterday (2 days early)! So far so good (well apart from the split bag in my order). I have tried both Banana (with 300ml of water and I wasn’t keen on the texture, much nicer in my opinion with 500ml) and Strawberry! Both taste great!! :smiley:

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That’s great, so glad to hear you made it work <3

Thanks for the update!

Second order made and received! :smiley:

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