No more Mango flavour?!?! Whaaaat?

Guys, I’ve just seen the mail and I’m in shock! Why such a decision? Mango was my favorite! :scream:

The closest people I brought to JJ also love mango the most, what’s happening?

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Hi @drew,

Mango is actually our least popular flavour so it was an easy choice which flavour had to go.

I’m sorry to hear it was your favourite :frowning:

But on the bright side, It frees up space for us to offer new flavours! :smiley:

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I JUST made a topic on this (now deleted…), but yes it was one of my favourites as well! Right behind coconut… Hoping I’ll like Apple Cinnamon as much or it’ll be a real loss…


Ouchhh im sorry guys! Thank god my fav is vanilla, seems like it won’t go anywhere :’^)

As someone who finds mango to be one of the better flavours, I also found passion fruit to taste quite similar so I won’t be missing mango too much.

About the removal opening up space to offer new flavours, this has me wondering… why do flavours need to me removed in order to offer new flavours?

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Every flavour brings in extra constraints on order processing in the warehouse, production planning, warehousing, etc, especially when international stock keeping like we have in the USA comes into play.
We always try to make the best possible flavours of course. New flavours are tested internally and then externally with customers and the ones that are liked best we keep.
Mango was liked a lot less than for example the PassionFruit in this case.
It is a tough decision to make for a flavour that has been with us for so long but in the end we think it will make our offering better overall.

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