No volume discounts for single purchases (like Huel etc)?


As someone who loathes subscription models (for JJ, they’d require a time investment too to adapt the subscription etc), I prefer to just order a big 6 month supply and finish it in my own time. Considering this saves on shipping and packaging costs (1 big box versus 3 tot 6 smaller boxes for monthly or bimonthly deliveries), it would make sense that a volume discount should be applied. Huel for instance has both a subscription discount and a volume discount that takes this into account.

Don’t know if others feel this way about subscriptions, but I’m guessing I can’t be alone. :wink:

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Hey @timotheuseum! welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

Let’s do something: how about you email us at with all the meals you want to order at once, and our team will take a look at this?

I would make use of such a feature too because of inflexible delivery options where I live. But jumping through the subscription hoops every 6 months is only a small hassle. You know you can cancel the subscription and it only takes a few minutes, right?

A bigger improvement for those who prefer large orders would be better visibility to expiration dates currently being sold. They won’t share that info even if you mail them.

thanks for the feedback. Definitely, if you get in contact via email, our customer care team will help you with the expiration dates :slight_smile: