Not getting 10 meals from a bag

Hi all,

I’ve moved across to JJ from being a Huel user for the last 3 years.

I am enjoying the product so far but I’ve just got through my first bag and have only got just under 8 full ‘meals’ out of it - not the advertised 10. With Huel I was always used to having around a quarter to half a scoop, ‘spare’ left at the end of a bag.

To clarify I am using the included green scoop and using 2 flat/level scoops per meal.

Have I just been unlucky with my 1st bag or am I doing something wrong?

If it is correct that you don’t quite get a full 10 meals out of the bag that reduces the advertised cost-effectiveness of JJ which was one of the reasons I switched from Huel.


Hi Duncan!

Thanks for posting this one and of course welcome to the JJ-family!

The 2 scoops should indeed get you to approximately 96 grams of powder, which then adds up to 20 scoops for the bag and 10 meals out of that. You should have enough to get there the way you describe it, maybe you are pressing it in firmly to get to more than the 96 grams total? I just tried this myself and it accounted for 20 extra grams per scoop. You could make sure by weighing it on a scale.

There’s random checks done on bags when they are produced to also check the weight which should avoid any batch being either light or heavy.

So, if you have put it on the scale, and you come to the 96 grams for two scoops, and still do not get enough out of the bag, that is for sure reason to check in with us so we can follow up internally on it. In that case, I would like to invite you to our Live Chat or to reach out through in order for us to see the details of that specific batch and act upon any irregularities accordingly.


Thanks for the reply!

I’ll see how i get on with my other bags, really hoping not have to measure stuff out on scales the whole time!

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Same thing was happening to me, I would take a nice big scoop of powder and use the inside of the bag to squish it down into the scoop and level it off, seems I was making a really dense scoop by doing it this way and the weight was always higher than it should be.

Now I just take a heaped scoop and gently level it off by running my finger across the top, seems to be closer to the correct amount now but it will always vary by a few grams since its impossible to scoop the exact same every time.

Just try not to squish the powder down into the scoop!